Standards for Reporting Excellence

Learn from the experts how you can implement modern notation standards to achieve company-wide reporting excellence.


Modern reporting made easy

Studies have shown: with modern notation standards, reports are understood much more quickly, and misunderstandings are significantly reduced.

With hi-chart®, you can easily implement modern notation standards throughout your company. The solution's user-friendliness increases acceptance among authors with a business administration focus, while managers are instantly won over by the clarity of the reports.

Read our data sheet and see how hi-chart enables you to standardize your reporting quickly and easily.

hi-chart Data Sheet

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hi-chart® displays KPIs in print-ready charts according to modern notation standards. Our freely available overview introduces you to the hi-chart® template library. 

Try out selected templates:

  1. Download an Excel template.
  2. Upload an Excel file with your data.
  3. Export the chart with your data.

Try out a selection of charts from hi-chart®.

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Selected References


"We wanted to unify our reporting, but we only succeeded in doing so with hi-chart®. Reports that give rise to misunderstandings are now a thing of the past."

Bastian Kubik, 
Stadtwerke Bochum Holding GmbH,


"hi-chart® enables us to implement our requirements for company-wide management reporting flexibly according to IBCS specifications while keeping to our corporate design."

Gregor Taschwer, Landeskrankenanstalten-Betriebsgesellschaft - KABEG,
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee


"The clear and focused visualisations in hi-chart® enable us regularly to convey complex topics and relationships very quickly to decision-makers who are non-specialists."

Michael Seip,
Flensburger Brauerei,


"With the software and the excellent service from hi-chart, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe has implemented and continually optimized a company-wide reporting system according to IBCS."

Jens Buchmann,

Hi-Chart by Corporate Planning: Clarity for the Future

Hi-Chart is a subsidiary of CP Corporate Planning AG, a vendor of solutions for planning, reporting and analysis with more than 30 years' experience in the field of corporate performance management. Our in-house team of software engineers and our product management ensure the ongoing development of our solutions. Our consulting team, the Corporate Planning Campus and our Technical Support keep projects running smoothly and ensure that skills are transferred effectively. In BARC surveys, we regularly achieve top marks for the satisfaction of our customers in companies of all sizes and from all sectors.